Sunday, July 7, 2013

12:56 PM
Mario scores again! 

Don't we all miss those days where we sat in front of the screen for hours while playing our NES? Ah, yes, the days. I still dream of Duck Hunt, Tecmo Bowl, and one of my favorites, good old Mario Brothers. Well, our (at least mine) prayers have been answered! Super Mario Bros. DX is a PERFECT translation of the NES classic! Yes, every single image has been rendered to be EXACTLY like the NES hit, the levels are the exact same, the gameplay is the same, the sound remains the very same, and a lot of other neat things were added! In other words, it kicks massive ass!

At first you are greeted with a pretty little screen, one of the aditions. After looking through the pretty little menu, I was tempted to start the game. Yes, the all-too-familiar screen. I went on and started the level, and it truly was a perfect replica! I loaded up my NES and put Mario in, started it up, and the only difference was the size of the screen! If you've ever played the original Mario Bros. before, you know that some levels can be hella hard, it takes quite a bit of time, and boy, did time fly! After playing it for several days, I finally reached the last level! Considering it's the last level, they really made you work. It took me quite a while (maybe I just suck..) to beat the level, but finally I did, and princess Peach came to thank me! Well enough about my experience, here's what you will get in return for those $30:

  • 32 levels of fun. 
  • Exchange data via the Infrared System. 
  • 2 Player vs Mode via the Link Cable. 
  • For Gameboy Color ONLY. 
If you are a NES fan (If you didn't like Mario Bros. for the NES, you shouldn't consider yourself a NES fan.. =) and happen to have $30 (Or less, if you trade games..) to shell out, then go out and buy Super Mario Bros. Deluxe! This one is a definite recommendation!

Gameplay: Sound: Value: Overall:

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe
Review By Lrd[EFN]
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