Wednesday, February 2, 2000

7:45 AM
Tenchu was a fairly cool game to play. I liked playing it and it was a different experience for me. To me the game was too easy, and had a few to many cons than pros for me. The stealth part was the funniest part in the game. Sneaking up on people and cutting of their heads, keep my blood thirst in check. Well, the cons, had to be the dumb ass AI. You could walk right in front of bag guys for five seconds before they knew what was going on. Furthermore the game was to way too short. Ten stages is not enough. Well, Tenchu II is coming soon, and lets see if it makes you want bring out 50 big ones to play.

Tenchu II is a prequeal to Tenchu. It takes place four years before the first and your master’s sword was stolen, and guess what? Your have to find it! There are three characters in Tenchu II, The first two assassins are from the fist game, and a new assassin has come to play. This already makes Tenchu have a lot of replay value. Each assassin has a different story line that ties into each other.

There are now 32 stages, instead of 10 in this game. You also have a map maker so you can make your own levels! There so many new features in this game that it makes you want to jump for joy. You can know search dead bodies for items, or material you need, or drag them in corners or push them into water to hide. If you don’t, other guards will see their dead friend and start looking for you! The stealth is here with tons of new weapons to use. You now have explosive arrows, blow guns, blinding dust and more ninja stars. You also have to set traps in some stages or track people in different stages, before you can complete your objectives. Other missions have you protecting your master’s castle or have to stop invasions. This time around the AI is ten times better! Some times the enemies have set traps like chimes covered with leaves. If you step on them, then you’ll have some unwanted friends coming to greet you. They also can yell to each other to make advances on you! Another feature is now you have to swim! You will have to swim to get to underground caves or to remote places. This makes new stealth options like jumping out of water to slice a person’s head of, or dragging a person under water to drown. So it looks as if the stealth is here and better than ever!

Of course the graphics have been improved. And the choppy graphics are little to none. There is now rain and lighting, that look outstanding! Each character has been toned up a few notches, and the detail is better. Like blood slowly disappearing in water, or you cutting bamboo trees down with your sword. Now I’m not too sure about the frame rate at this time, we’ll just have to see, but the game looks great! There is no music (at this time) but the sound effects are there, and there is a lot of them.

Overall the game is shaping up to be a great stealth game, like Metal Gear Solid, Syphon Filter 2, or Tenchu! Lets see how the game turns out when it comes out later this year! 

Tenchu II Preview By Big_T


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