Wednesday, February 2, 2000

2:08 PM

Konami’s new lineup of ESPN The Games has many titles planned for the Playstation 2 and their Winter X Games: Snow Boarding title is shaping up quite nicely for all you x gamers out there! The game is looking to boast some of the best graphics ever seen in a snow boarding game as the team is trying to best SSX.

Thanks to the ESPN moniker, Winter X Games: Snow Boarding will feature recognizable Winter X broadcast overlays, in-depth rider statistics and event analysis taken directly from the ESPN research department, and authentic X games camera angles. By combining all of these elements, Konami is trying to succeed in making the game as realistic as they can. They want you to feel like you are watching the Winter X games on your TV and not playing a video game. This authenticity will prove invaluable when you compare Konami’s title to that of EA Sports SSX.

Continuing the trend of being authentic, Winter X Games: Snow Boarding will be the only game on the block to be able to boast having the best 15 real pro boarders for you to enjoy your thrilling ride down the slopes with. It will also be the only game in which you can compete in real X game events, use actual snow boarding gear, and have the ability to try your hand at creating a custom rider to go for the gold with! This will assure that if you are a true X games fan that this title will be a must buy for you.

The gameplay is expected to offer up 3 different modes: X Games, Free Ride, and Create-a-Rider. In X Games mode you compete as one of the 15 real life pro boarders in a quest for gold medals. The 4 events within X Games mode are: Super Pipe, Slope Style, Big Air, and Boarder X. Each event is different and should be enjoyable enough to keep you entertained on those cold winter days ahead.  Within the free rider mode, you are allowed to survey the 6x6-mile Mountain of endless terrain ranging from steeps to cruisers! You have all the freedom you could want, go anywhere and do anything in this mode, but most of all look good while your doing it! 

There are countless areas for you to be able to pull off some wicked tricks that will make your friends wonder if what they just saw was for real. You can use everything from rails to benches to catch some air and pop off a great looking trick. Lastly, Create-A-Rider mode allows you to build your own personal alter ego and tear up the slopes with him or her. There should be many options for you to customize about your character so you are able to make them however you want them to be.

Finally, to make this title sound even better (pun intended :-), Konami went out and snagged an awesome soundtrack for the game. Including tracks from Primer 55, Goldfinger, and Long Beach Dub All-Stars, the soundtrack looks like it will keep the tunes pumping while you surf your way to the gold!
With heavy competition from EA Sports SSX Snowboarding, Konami has its work cut out for it to deliver an authentic X Games title while provide some excellent visuals. If Konami can pull it off, Winter X Games: Snow Boarding should one a site to behold unto!

Winter X Games: Snow Boarding Playstation 2 Preview by kilik123


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