Wednesday, February 2, 2000

2:31 PM
Vagrant Story is one of the best RPG's to hit the PSX this year. Vagrant Story has excellent graphics, a very rich story line, and one the best battle systems in all the land.

Vagrant Story takes place in the mid-evil times. Your character in this dark time is known as Ashley Riot. Several years ago his wife and son where murdered by a group of VERY evil people! After this crime was committed Riot Joins the Risbreakers, a group to help protect the weak and innocent. The story begins with the Dukes house being burned down and then a overtaking by a group of people who see flaws in the duke's way. You are then sent in to investigate the situation. When you arrive you over hear plans of a group of the invaders. When you hear all you need you try to leave but end up squaring off against 2 men. This is a great time to get used to the complex, yet wonderfully done, fighting system. 

When you're finished moping up there you proceed to the mana. The invaders search for the duke but he is at his second house. Rich fellow you know. The leader of the invaders orders the group to put out the fires that they started and to kill the traitors. When Riot comes to the hall he hears another group of people lead by the evil sorcerer named Sydney. He is telling his men to look for plans of some sort. They tell him they can't find them and urges Sydney to leave before the Duke's men come. Sydney tells them to keep searching. When they leave, Sydney's second in command is told to bring the Duke's son, you then advance to confront Sydney. He reaches for a sword but is shot in the heart with an arrow by you. He is fine and then flees but sends in his dragon buddy. You fight it and when you defeat it, you now have the task to find Sydney. That is just the beginning of the wonderfully thought out and accomplished story line. Trust me on this, you will be totally enthralled by the story throughout the entire game.

Vagrant Story is a fun and interesting game to play. Like I mentioned before the fighting system is complex and takes time to get use to, but when you finally come to grips with the system, you are awarded tremendously for your efforts, as the gameplay is always engaging. But that is knocked down by the strategy you have to use. There are over 300 weapons for you to use. They can be combined with other weapons in workshops to help you make better and stronger ways of defeating your foes.

Another neat feature to the game is that it has the Resident Evil theme in it. Not only do you get to fight with zombies in the game, you get to fight them with swords! Another Resident theme is the dark and scary castle you have to search in. 

The sound in this game is nothing short of outstanding! The sounds of the creatures and monster walking, to the sound of the slice you make when you cut a monster a new mouth. The sound is also great when your exploring, it makes you actually fear what is around the corner. The overall sound quality is tops!

Graphics in Vagrant Story is off the charts! They look so good! The people in the game actually blink and move their mouths. The graphics are outstanding even on the "outdated" psx (I know you all are now spoiled by the dreamcast and PC graphics, but these are great!). Bottom Line Vagrant Story is a must have in any playstation owners video game list. The whole game is fun to play and even watch. But there is one minor thing wrong with the game. You can kiss your social life and all sleep good bye till you see the dramatic ending…

Vagrant Story Review by Big_T 


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