Tuesday, August 1, 2000

7:30 AM
I just got the chance to play through a demo of Crave Entertainment's Ultimate Fighting Challenge. Now I'm not the greatest fan of UFC though I do like wrestling, and some submission fighting this game seems like it will be a winner. On the demo which comes with this months issue of the Dreamcast Magazine (ODCM) there is only one playable mode and you can choose two fighters Tito Ortiz, or Frank Shamrock.

There are no ring entrances shown in the demo but they will be included in the game with a mix between in-game and CG sequences. The fighters themselves are made up of many pollys, and move very realistically. There are 3,000 moves and 1,200 combos in the games which will make for some good gameplay, that and the fact that there are 21 fighters to choose from and five modes. There is a lot to offer in this game, the only one thing that bothered me was the fact that sometimes the matches don't last that long and others can last a few min. I'm sure that this will be fixed by the time the game is released. Other than that the game is shaping up to be one of the most realistic, graphical feats I've ever seen.

Crave has been hard at work on UFC and when they showed it at E3 this year many were pleased. As a result UFC got a best of show award during the Electronics Expo. Some people may say that 21 fighters just isn't that many, but if you take into fact that Dead or Alive 2 had a little over half as many fighters and how fun that games was, you know what your looking at. Each fighter, fights with their own style and has a set of moves and category they are best at. For example if you choose Frank Shamrock, he is a submission fighter. This doesn't mean he only does submission fighting but if you choose a submission match he will have an advantage. The styles of fighting that I have seen so far are: submission, kick boxing, and karate, but there are many many more.

The unique thing about UFC is that its an actual fighting game. Now I like wrestling, and the wrestling games that have come out be whatever console are all basically the same. It's in the fighting genre, but it's not totally realistic. I most of the wrestling games you have some sort of a weapons match. During these matches players get hit and hit repeatedly by objects and just don't fall down until their power meter wears down. In UFC the moves are actual karate, and submission moves that someone would teach you if you were taking a class in these areas. Moves like the guillotine, which is a choke hold can be used as well. The only thing about this is once you get someone in a submission they will tap out right away. I don't know if this will change, when the game releases though it would be nice. It is however more realistic, I mean if your wrestling someone and they put you in a move where it can break you leg or you can continue you would probably tap.

You can look for UFC on you DC sometime near September. The game seems to be running right on track and may even show up a little early...yay! I have this game reserved because this demo and the news I've heard of UFC just blows me away with the possibilities. Stay tuned to GU and I'll have a review of the full version of the game when it releases this September. For now check out these amazing screens. 

Ultimate Fighting Championship Preview by Dreamcaster


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